about me

Hi, I'm Jessica!

I am a professional equine photographer based in the Seattle area. I received my bachelor's degree in Photography from the Art Institute of California-San Diego in 2016 and moved up to the Pacific Northwest shortly after. In 2021, I officially launched my business in Washington state, and in 2022, I made the decision to do photography full-time. 

I am the proud owner of a fiery, Iberian Warmblood gelding named Moose (or sometimes Moosifer), who just so happens to be the love of my life. He has more personality than I know what to do with, but nevertheless, he always puts a glimmer in my eye and a smile on my face. 

As someone who never grew out of that "crazy horse girl" stage and always felt a deep connection to the art of photography, blending my two passions together to form a career has been nothing short of extraordinary. While I could always be found with a camera (or what started out as a video camera) in my hand, it wasn't until I recognized a mistake I had made that I decided to shoot professionally. 

Prior to owning Moose, I had two beautiful souls named Basta and Hugo. Basta was a gray, thoroughbred gelding who was the crabbiest boy you could ever meet, and Hugo was a bay, RPSI gelding that was figuring out how to be a grown up after being a pasture puff his entire life. Both of these boys were so very different, yet held a huge piece of my heart. I always said I would get professional photos taken with each of them. After all, I love taking photos of other people and their horses, so why not have some of my own? But I never got around to it. It was either never important enough at the time, or "I needed to lose 5 lbs to even consider having professional photos taken of me." There was always an excuse. Needless to say, the photoshoots never happened. Time went by and life does what it does best, so now my boys are no longer with me. I wish I had more than just an iPhone photo or screenshot from a video to remember them. They deserved to have a spot on the wall in my home, but I will always be grateful for the memories I have of us together. 

After realizing this mistake, I vowed to never let these excuses hinder me from documenting my relationship with my horses again, and to give others the chance to document their stories as well. Time is far too precious, and we need to enjoy the moments in life as they are happening around us. My mission is to capture those moments, so you can relive every aspect of them whenever you look upon that photo. After all, memories are irreplaceable, and the happiest of them should be treasured forever.